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VPS Features Introduction

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What is a Virtual Private Server? A virtual private server saves any business, internet marketing, bulk mailer, or large internet bandwidth users time and money. It used to be that a business used to have to spend thousands of dollars buying computer equipment and then paying even more to hire server administrators to run it all.

Then between upgrades, equipment failure, and equipment upgrades the costs were palpable.

This made having a server out of reach for many smaller businesses leaving them at the mercy of hosting companies and spending even more money.

With the advent of greater internet bandwidth and cloud computing a company can have a virtual dedicated server or virtual private server. This server stays physically at the web hosting company facility but is devoted and accessible to one client. This includes interfaces (windows or linux) and several hundred GB of memory space to house data, SQL sheets and much more.

This is quite simply a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers. Virtual servers are fully controllable using the root access interface that is very easy to use for anyone. This means that a business person can become their server administrator and start creating domains, email accounts, domain forwarding, email forwarding and much more. The other nice thing about virtual dedicated and private servers is that they are very green friendly because having several people using the equipment at once in one location and saves power and equipment.  Most importantly, Virtual Dedicated Servers cost thousands less than having all this expensive equipment and experts in-house. Keeping the equipment and experts with us at eliteral is easier and will save you a fortune.

The best part of Virtual Dedicated Servers with eliteral is that we also boast  VPS.

With VPS Clients get access to the Virtuozzo Power Panel which is a powerful, web-based recovery and administration tool.

To make changes 24/7 and allow companies to host websites, create domains, create and manage email accounts and much more.

Eliteral is a great place to have your virtual dedicated server because we boast great uptimes, in-house experts, and very reasonable costs. These severs are available for users both large and small and are especially advantageous for business, e-commerce, and large corporations trying to manage data and most importantly not have to do it in house. This is the best of outsourcing.