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Search for a Domain Name!


If you are looking at hosting a website then you will need to register the name and an extension.

There are over 100 million websites online so names are sometimes taken. To keep it all straight there is a company owned by the government of the United States called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and they issue all the domain names and manage the many extensions for websites that now exist. You cannot register a name unless you're a hosting company or domain registrar yourself and are registered with ICANN domain registration.

If you are looking at founding a website in addition to hosting the site on a server you will need to register the name with ICANN domain registration and that is where a web hosting like eLiteral comes in. Not only can we host your site with great uptimes and exception high quality service, but we can register the name with ICANN with any of 51 internet domain extensions like .com .net .org .asia and many more of the most popular domain name extensions online.  Internet domain names are the first thing that defines a site and is the first thing a site needs next to hosting.

You may already have a website and we can also help you move your domain to our hosting company as well and even do bulk domain registration or bulk domain registration. After your domain is registered we can also help with domain management, DNS management, DNS forwarding, and other domain services for both personal customers and large corporate customers with a variety of registered domains. If you have hosted email through your sites we can help do email forwarding as well as domain forwarding so that your website never loses a beat or an important digital missive.

Eliteral is your one stop shop for all your web hosting (both in India and elsewhere) and internet domain registration needs. Make it simple, don't worry about it, just call eLiteral.