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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates Introduction

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What is an SSL Certificate? An SSL certificate is quite simply a certificate that helps secure your data and transactions. These certificates are issued by several companies that eLiteral is affiliated with and we have our own security measures to secure important data and the certificate proves that our security works. A valid SSL certificate gives you and your customers peace of mind especially in an online e-commerce situation. Browsers will tell potential customers and web site visitors if your website is secure or not or if the certificate exists, is out of date, or worse. That message warning can be very off-putting and can drive away traffic and customers.

eLiteral can help your with your SSL certificate situation on your dedicated server or website. We offer SSL certificates from the most well known authorities such as: Verisign, Geotrust, and Thawte. In addition to have our security measures certified by these companies our certificates provide 256 bit encryption. We can help any variety of customers such as retail, developers, ISP web hosts, educational institutions, all important financial services, healthcare, and the government.  Financial services and healthcare need to protect important personal data of their customers and patients and people will feel better know that you have taken the correct steps to secure your data that is kept online. Even for personal web hosting accounts a secure site and server is very important. SSL certificates are very important and we offer them for free for the first 30 days and then for a very reasonable cost thereafter.

The reason SSL certificates exist is due to the shear amount of data kept online. Everything from credit card numbers to important personal information like emails, addresses, and other data that can be used from identity theft all exist online. People wouldn’t trust a website that isn’t secure with this important information. A valid SSL certificate and the security brings your customers peace of mind about their data in this age of identity theft. Also, if you keep any company data online in the back end of your website, even something as simple as email is a security disaster waiting to happen without the proper security and certification.

eLiteral can help any web hosting customer in a small, medium or large market get certified and keep their data secure.