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Web Hosting Overview

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Web hosting is the foundation of the internet and here at eLiteral we are firm belivers in quality over quantity and we carry that idea to our affordable web hosting as well. Web hosting is simply a server where a website is placed and connected to the greater internet so that people can access it. Web hosting can also be used for internal corporate services as well where the pages or services are not available to the public. If you have accessed a web site or used a private corporate page then you have used web hosting!

Location is not an consideration whether you need web hosting in India, web hosting in Mumbai, or anywhere eLiteral can help you. That is why web hosting is the foundation of the internet. The internet is made of servers like the one your website is hosted on so when you visit a website you are pulling the site off that server where it is hosted and it is interpreted by the web browser so that you can read it in a clear and easy format rather than looking at a page of HTML coding. Whether it is personal web hosting, free web hosting, or even cheap hosting, everyone who has a site has web hosting.

Our web hosting services are top of the line because we don't believe in unlimited hosting, by giving our customers limits and setting up usage metrics we can maintain high quality for all our customers and make sure that their sites function at all times. Web hosting is a mainstay service here at eLiteral and we boast great server uptimes and easy access.

Our web hosting uses easy interface panels like cPanel and Hsphere so that anyone from an individual person with a personal web hosting account with a small website for their customers or for their hobby all the way up to large companies with bulk hosting accounts and dedicated servers in any industry ranging from healthcare to government and everything in between like utilities and other large companies who maybe using our servers to link together their centers of operation.  This means that eLiteral can support any market (even e-commerce web hosting) and any company from small to large. We do this by providing high quality services (remember quality not quantity) and by offering hosting via Windows, Linux, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers for high volume websites, email marketing, website back end services (customer accounts, employee email, and much more), and full networking of resources.

If you are interested in hosting your website or networking services with eLiteral just order with Web Hosting eLiteral